Which equipments are required for laying hen breeding

August 26, 2021
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1. Layer Chicken cage

In order to make full use of the area of the chicken house and increase the number of chickens, most of the current farmers have switched to battery cage to raise layer hens.

Layer cage breeding makes full use of the area of the upper layer of the egg chicken cage, so that the number of chickens raised is about three or four times higher than that of the previous flat cage, and it is more convenient to raise chickens in hens cages management.


2. Manure removal equipment:

The waste removal in chicken house is a problem for farmers. Manure removal is time-consuming and laborious. If it is not cleaned up in time, the poultry house will produce harmful gases, which will affect the health of the chickens.

Therefore, the manure removal equipment is one of the indispensable equipment in many farms. Now the continuous improvement of the manure removal machine and the realization of unmanned management, automatic timing removal of manure, simple and quick operation, and the chicken manure runs to the end with the manure removal machine Drop into the manure removal belt and send it to the manure truck to pull it away, which can improve the environment in the house and reduce the occurrence of diseases.


3. Feeding equipment:

There are many kinds of feeding equipment, such as manual feeding carts, gantry feeding machine, hopper trolley feeding, and chain feeders. But generally large chicken farms will be equipped with automatic hopper trolley feeding, realizing automatic feeding. The feeder can directly push and feed. It is safe, convenient, energy-saving, noiseless, and the chickens have little response. The feeder can realize one feeding for 10,000 chickens in 40 minutes, which is very convenient.


4. Ventilation and cooling equipment:

Fans and cooling pad equipment are two types of equipment used to ventilate and cool the house. Reasonable ventilation can remove some harmful gases from the chicken house and provide a comfortable growth and production environment for the chickens.

In the summer, the use of fans and wet curtain equipment can cool the chicken house, so that the chicken house can grow at a comfortable temperature in the hot summer.


5. Egg collection:

It is the equipment used to collect eggs. It is suitable for laying hen farms. Manual egg picking needs to be collected in various places. It is not only time-consuming, but also inefficient. With the egg collector, all eggs can be collected in one place for farmers to process. Convenient and fast, improve efficiency.

6. Water supply equipment:

Water is an indispensable substance for every chicken, so no matter what type of chicken farms need drinking water equipment, drinking water equipment is divided into many types, nipple type, cup type, tower type, trough type, etc., from water conservation and considering the prevention of bacterial contamination, the nipple drinker is an ideal water supply device.