How to increase the brooding rate by chicken cage system

August 26, 2021
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Raising brooders in chicken cages is a method that many farmers will choose. The use of chicken cages to raise chickens has a large number of birds, and it is more convenient to raise them in chicken coops, which also helps to improve brooding cages.

The brooding rate is the key to ensuring economic benefits, so how to increase the brooding rate is very important. In addition to the chicken cages that can help the brooding rate, it is also necessary to do scientific feeding management in the daily breeding process, as long as the brooding rate is carried out according to scientific management methods It will improve.


1. Control the feeding according to the standard body weight

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The suitability of chickens raised by farmers should be analyzed according to the weight and intake of different breeds of chicks, and then feed management through standard body weights, and feed in accordance with standard feeding methods to maintain a reasonable weight.


2. Strengthen environmental management

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During the brooding period, the environment of the chicken house is very important for the growth of the chicks, especially the control of temperature, humidity and density. Whether the farmers use flat-raising or chicken cages, they must control the reasonable breeding density and quantity, and control the breeding. Density is a necessary means to increase the growth of laying hens, and it is also one of the important ways to ensure future production. Therefore, farmers should control the density according to the breeding space.


3. Pay attention to feeding management

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During the brooding period, drinking water and feeding are important keys that cannot be ignored. After the chicks are out of their shells, the water loss in the body is more serious. In terms of feeding, farmers should pay more attention to the nutritional ratio of feed and choose feed that meets the nutritional standards at this stage.


4. Do a good job in group transfer

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The chicks will be reared in pullet cage from one day old to 12 weeks. After 12 weeks or 16weeks, they will be transferred to layer cage. During the transfer process, the farm manager should pay attention to the temperature and humidity control of the chicken house. In order to make chickens have only one applicable process, do not quickly transfer to avoid unnecessary stress.