Preparation before laying hens farming

August 26, 2021
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Reasonable Layout Of Chicken House


The structure of poultry house is economical and practical, and its orientation conforms to the local natural and geographical conditions, with good lighting, better ventilation, and simple operation, which is good for heatstroke prevention and cooling in summer, and heat preservation and cold prevention in autumn, winter and early spring. Chicken house layout is reasonable, so that the production area and the non-production area are separated; the non-production area and the water source are in the upwind direction of the chicken farm; the dirty road and the clean road are separated and do not cross; the manure yard is located in the downwind direction of the chicken farm; the brooding house and the rearing The house is separated, and the brooding house is located in the upper wind direction of the chicken farm. The site should be selected far away from residential areas, with convenient transportation, and far away from roads. The terrain is dry and sunny. Try to avoid shading in early spring, wind in summer, and no accumulation of water after rain. The area is large, leaving room for development. Water resources are abundant, pollution-free, easy to access, and sufficient power is guaranteed. Understand the local poultry disease epidemic situation and try to avoid epidemic areas or areas where epidemics have occurred. Avoid urban polluted areas and adopt appropriate environmental protection measures to minimize environmental pollution.