How to choose suitable chicken cage

August 26, 2021
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Many farmers do not know the processing technology of chicken cages, how to choose poultry cage with good quality and long life? In automated chicken breeding equipments, chicken cages are more important as a direct contact with chickens. There are currently three types of chicken coops on the market:


1. Cold galvanized. Cold galvanizing is also called electro-galvanizing. The galvanized layer is thin. The advantages of cold galvanizing are smooth surface and high brightness. However, it is generally used for 2-3 years of rust and 7-10 years of lifespan. Cold galvanized can also be divided into plating color zinc or white zinc, etc., with similar effects.

2. Hot-dip galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanizing the thickness of the galvanized layer is generally more than 80μm. It is generally not easy to rust and has high corrosion resistance. Generally it can be used for 15-20 years. Hot-dip galvanized chicken cages are the first choice for automated breeding, but generally the price will be higher compared with others.

3. Spraying chicken cage. The powdered paint is adsorbed to the cage through the attraction of high-voltage static electricity, forming a high corrosion resistance phosphate film between the chicken cage and the paint, but the sprayed chicken cage is easier to stick to the chicken manure, and It is easy to age and fall off as time goes. This kind of chicken cage is relatively rare in the market, and the market is relatively small.