The key points of high efficiency chicken raising technology using broiler cage

August 26, 2021
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High-efficiency chicken farming technology is what every farmer wants to know, which can make farmers make more profit.
In order to improve efficiency, many farmers will choose to use broiler cages to raise broiler chickens, multi-layer cages, with large feeding densities and large numbers, and then with scientific and reasonable high-efficiency chicken breeding technology, the quality of the chickens can be better and higher benefits can be obtained.  Let’s talk about the main points of efficient broiler chicken raising.


Choose high-quality broilers

For high-efficiency broiler chicken raising, we must first choose the right birds, which is the beginning of everything. In addition to the selection of good broiler cages and careful breeding, the choice of broiler chicks is also very important for the effectiveness of chicken raising. The quality of chicks can determine the quality of adult chickens, which directly affects the later benefits.


Improve chicken survival rate

Choosing vertical broiler chicken cage can reduce the area of land use and increase the number of breeding. The unique cage wire mesh design can reduce the movement of the chickens. Less exercise will consume less energy, and the required feed will be reduced.

Now feed costs still account for a large proportion, so that it can save feed. The fully automatic chain feeding system designed and produced by the company can fundamentally reduce the waste of feed, thereby increasing the second profit for the farmers and reducing the investment cost.

The vertical broiler cage system is also equipped with an automatic manure removal system. The chicken manure dropped from the upper layer of chickens is directly dropped onto the lower layer of manure removal belt to prevent the birds from contacting the manure, thus reducing the diseases caused by the manure infection. Improve survival rate.


Periodic disinfection of chicken house

Regular and orderly disinfection is also an inevitable and important step that many farmers can't do. Reasonable disinfection can eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken coop, reduce the risk of chicken infection, and is also an effective measure to prevent disease.

However, once disinfection is not a long-term disinfection, farmers should disinfect regularly. The chicken house should be cleaned before disinfection. In addition, the farmers should conduct thorough disinfection after the broiler flocks are released to avoid the influence of residual pathogenic microorganisms. To the health of the next batch of flocks.