Fully automatic layer breeding makes chicken raising easier and more efficient

August 26, 2021
Latest company news about Fully automatic layer breeding makes chicken raising easier and more efficient


Advantages of H type layer cage system

H frame layer poultry cage raising equipment is currently the first choice for large-scale, intensive, automated, and standardized layer raising at home and abroad. It has the following advantages;

1. Small land, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale breeding

2. Seperate each layer cleaning of chicken manure, natural air drying greatly reduces the moisture of chicken manure, high utilization rate of chicken manure, and minimal environmental pollution

3. Realize fully automated control, greatly reduce the number of operators, reduce labor intensity, and improve labor productivity

4. Adopting a fully enclosed breeding mode is conducive to preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases and improving the production performance of the flock.


Automatic feeding equipment

The main features of chain feeding: The drive system adopts a cycloidal pinwheel type deceleration device, which has the advantages of more reliable and stable operation, uniform feeding, and lower impact noise compared with a gear deceleration device.

The surface of the 90° corner wheel and the guide rail are specially hardened. The bearing adopts alloy bearings that do not require oil injection. Compared with the conventional hardened or untreated corners and guide rails and nylon bushings used by other competitors, they are more wear-resistant and work with long life service.


Automatic drinking water equipment

The water supply line of the drinking equipment for H type layer hen raising is set in the middle of the top of each layer of chicken cages, and each cage is equipped with 2 nipples for the chickens on the left and right sides to drink water. Filters, smart water meters, pressure reducing regulators, etc. are installed at the front end of the water line. Through the digital information of the water meter, you can understand the daily drinking water situation of the chickens.


Automatic manure removal equipment

There is a longitudinal manure removal belt under each layer of chicken cage (the manure belt is made of white PP material, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant), so that the chicken manure of each layer cage falls on the manure removal belt. The rotation of the belt transports the chicken manure to the outside house, so that the environment of poultry house is protected.


Automatic egg collection and conveyor equipment

The automatic egg collection and conveying system is an important part of the H type layer equipment. The final result of the entire breeding and production process of laying hens is eggs. Each egg is condensed with the hard work and sweat of the farmers, so it is necessary to avoid damage as much as possible during the collection and transportation of the eggs.

Silver Star central egg collection line system is advanced in technology and reasonable in structure. There are egg collection belts on each layer, so that the eggs in each nest can be transported to the central egg collection line at the front end of the egg collector to prevent collision and friction between the eggs and reduce the egg breakage rate.