Fully automatic manure removal system

August 26, 2021
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PP belt type manure cleaning machine


With the "H" type cage, it adopts a conveyor belt type manure cleaning structure, and is equipped with an automatic adjustment deviation device to prevent the manure from being carried away. The longitudinal dung belt is made of pp material, and the horizontal dung belt is made of special black rubber, with anti-aging agent added, which has the characteristics of sun protection, cold protection, acid and alkali resistance. The middle interlayer is nylon, which avoids the expansion and contraction caused by heat and cold.


Device Configuration:

Drive device, traction frame, manure scraper, tension device, corner wheel, cleaner, travel switch and electrical control box.

1. It can effectively clean the manure into the manure tank outside the house.

2. The structure is simple, the failure rate is low, and the manure is cleaned.

3. Save time and effort and improve work efficiency.